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one of the most sought IT Specialist.

Penetration tester.

79{14aa2e03d0f0f513ac0ba71b6239bcc4fbed0889f77dc4b21ffb3a84aa88f0c9} of websites and networks are hackable! Close your doors shut before hackers find you.
Vulnerability Analysis, Web Application Security, Security Audits.

Data Encryption

Master of Steganography for Information Hiding
Any existence will be impossible to prove.

System Administrator

Create website’s / design, users administration, Maintaining system, Cloud computing & Cloud infrastructure, Designing best practices for backups, and whole infrastructure.

Industries Served

  • Banking & Financial

  • Healthcare

  • High Tech

  • Insurance

  • Life Sciences

  • Manufacturing

  • Media & Information Services

  • Education

  • Municipality

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“We identify the gaps in your security before the bad guys can gain access”

“Don’t wait until your web site has been compromised and the situation is desperate.
Act now and make it as hacker proof as possible, so the worst never happens.”

“After working with three “leading” penetration test companies in the United Kingdom at considerable expense, Amri helped us discover and resolve several potential security issues that were not found before. We were very impressed with his extensive knowledge and dedication to the task, and it was exceptional value for money. We will certainly be working with him on future projects as a valued extension to our core IT team.”
“Our website was regularly hacked by taggers. Some of these hackers would tamper with redirecting our information. Some it seems would just leave there signature for other hackers that followed to see that they already conquered our site. Finally, some hacker messed about where we could not even access our site. after I contacting Bang Amri, he secured our website from all hackers. All is well.”
“Overall, I think you are awesome. You saved my website. Before I found you, I was thinking about just giving up. It appeared no one could help me. The feedback I would get was that I would have to contact the company that built the website and they no longer existed to my knowledge. Thank you so much for correcting the pertinent error that I was experiencing. You are totally awesome!”
Mike Robinson, ATA Dental Center
Thank you for the outstanding work performed at our Bedford site. I was impressed with your professionalism. You were punctual, courteous, always stayed in touch, and promptly provided quotes for the work requested. You clearly wanted to meet not only our needs, but accommodate our preferences as well. I was more than impressed with the courtesy of your employees, from the front desk right down to every technician.
Stephen B., Information Technology Manager
“Bang Amri were fantastic to work with. He responded quickly to my inquiry, fixed my websites problems within a couple hours and a charged a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend his for website security services.”
” I’m sure you have heard this before but let me tell you again! you are a Genius!! Thanks a ton for fixing up the site. It is super easy to update. And I only have you to Thank you! Thank You!”

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